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In-App Purchases for Chief Architect Room Planner

Room Planner In-App Purchases extend the capabilities of the app to provide added content and additional powerful features for your Room or House design. You can purchases these add-ins by accessing the Settings and Purchase panel in the app.

Sample House Plans
Sojourn 3D Walk-Through
Dimension Bundle
Room Sketch & Angled Walls

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Chief Architect® Sojourn™ - $2.99

Walk or Fly through your design in 3D using Chief Architect's patent-pending Sojourn™ technology. Watch the Sojourn video overview.

Sojourn walk through of a design
Sojourn Icon

Walk Through - Physically walk-through your design in 3D. Room Planner will sense your movement and will automatically map it into the virtual world.

Gyro Icon

Camera Gyro - Will sense the physical movement of your device making it a freeform 3D view portal into your plan.

Adjust Height Icon

Dynamic Camera Height - Tilting your device adjusts the 3D camera's height off the floor either by walking or using the thumbsticks. This feature gives the experience of flying through your plan.

Background Camera Icon

Background Camera - Your device's rear camera displays your real world surroundings allowing you to see that background through windows and doors.

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Room Sketch & Angled Walls - $2.99

Room Sketch Icon

Angled Walls - Create rooms with angled walls in any 7.5 or 15 degree increments.

Room Sketch - Draw free-form rooms, or divide existing rooms.

Room Merge - Merge existing rooms together.

Room Subdivide - Overlap rooms to create new rooms and living spaces.

Angled Walls
Room Sketch
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Room Planner Dimension Bundle - $1.99

Tap on a wall and enter a specific dimension using your keyboard or a Bluetooth Disto Laser Meter. Dimensions can be entered with up to three decimals - imperial or metric.

Define dimensions for architectural objects - sofas, televisions, windows, etc. Type in specific dimensions for width, depth & height, distance from floor. Flip an object and reset the size of an object.

Object Specification
Dimension Bundle
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Sample Plans - $0.99

A collection of 11 editable sample plans includes houses, apartments & rooms.

Preview of different sample plans available for Room Planner